3 Best Apps to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Entrepreneurs increasingly rely on modern business apps to streamline their operations. Apps give entrepreneurs an edge and assist the business in achieving fast growth. Are you looking to scale your business and to create explosive growth? Here are the three best apps to keep your business running smoothly.

1. GoToMeeting facilitates remote meetings

GoToMeeting is a simple and effective videoconferencing app that is ideal for business users. The app allows you to invite up to 25 attendees to your online meetings. You can connect with anyone, anywhere and on any device. The app makes it easy to schedule a meeting due to the simple interface of its invitation system.

Moreover, it is possible to identify the speaker in a crowded meeting. The app is great for sharing your screen with your audience, which comes in handy for remote presentations. The app even allows your attendees to collaborate on projects and to answer live polls.


2. Square Register simplifies payment processing

Square Register is a mobile payment app that allows small businesses to process credit cards without using expensive gear. Indeed, all you need to process customer payments is:

  1. to plug a small credit card reader dongle into the headphone jack of your mobile device; and
  2. to swipe the credit card into the reader.

You can now add credit cards to your business payment options and start accepting payments anywhere. Square Register takes a small commission on each payment, just like all card processing services.

3. FreshBooks streamlines accounting

FreshBooks is a mobile accounting app that simplifies your bookkeeping. You can use the app to record business expenses and track profits. The app offers multiple neat features such as tracking time spent on a project and invoicing clients. FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, and you can even use it to file your taxes. Most importantly, the app is connected to the cloud so you can access it from your mobile device wherever you are.


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