The Number One Reason Bloggers Publish Consistently

Bloggers make a promise to publish consistently because dedicated bloggers are always much closer to success than undedicated ones.


Dedication is the quality of being committed to a task, and ultimately to a result. Dedicated bloggers are enthusiastic and perseverant, thus being so much closer to success than undedicated ones who lack zeal and drive. Dedicated bloggers are passionate and devoted to their work. They consistently publish, consistently perform, and consistently succeed.


Therefore, whether you make a promise to publish daily, weekly, or monthly, you should set up an expected schedule and stick with it. Bloggers schedule time to write their blog posts at regular intervals. By scheduling writing sessions in time blocks, bloggers boost their productivity and ensure the production of blog posts on a regular basis.


Indeed, blogging on a consistent basis makes a tremendous difference. Consistent blogging is essential because long absences trigger follower losses. Bloggers must keep followers in the loop with a strong email marketing campaign and a valuable social media presence. However, none of these marketing tactics could be applied if bloggers didn’t post on a regular basis. Reusing the same material on social platforms over and over again deters followers who expect fresh content.


Moreover, keyword searches change every month. Keywords that were popular last month may no longer be as popular this month. Therefore, bloggers consistently write new posts that include the trendiest keywords. Long tail keywords are of uttermost importance as they drive high-quality targeted traffic. Bloggers must include the trendiest long tail keywords in their posts in order to attract such traffic and to ensure the competition doesn’t get it.


Blogging on a regularly basis increases the authority of the blog. Indeed, blogging regularly builds up a vault of good content. Let’s remember that Google likes new and fresh content and that blogging regularly therefore increases the ranking on the SERP. Blogs need new links tracing back to their posts on a regular basis. Fresh links can only be achieved when bloggers post consistently.


Readers do not enjoy reading outdated content and will quickly leave when they realise the blog hasn’t been updated in a while. At best, the blog’s fan base will stagnate. Realistically, its fan base will decrease as followers become more engaged on the competitor’s blog. Bloggers who do not blog consistently do not actually have a blog – they have an un-updated website.


Additionally, Google doesn’t like high bounce rates driven by visitors that quickly leave webpages. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website that quickly navigate away. Search engines penalise such blogs with lower rankings. Moreover, blogs that have high bounce rates are not able to educate their potential customers on their offerings. Such blogs are thus at a disadvantage because there are unable to transform their cold leads into warm leads, let alone convert them into buyers.