The Quickest Way to Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines attract potential customers as they are the first point of contact with a reader. Headlines must be compelling and magnetic in order to incite the customer to read the blog post. Bloggers avoid writing deceitful headlines – also called click baits – as they lure readers away and decrease the authority of a webpage on the search engine rankings.

A compelling headline incites the potential customer to read the first sentence of the blog post, which in turn incites the reading of the second sentence, and so on. The headline is an important part of the content marketing strategy as it initiates the storytelling. Bloggers use analytical techniques for producing great headlines such as The Four U’s approach.



1. Useful

Reader won’t click a headline that talks about something that is not useful to them. Why would they? The headline must add value to the reader either by offering a benefit or by solving a problem. Headlines should not be deceitful. Bloggers match the content of the blog post to the headline and ensure that the content is just as useful as the headline promised.



2. Urgency

Bloggers write headlines that create a sense of urgency for readers and that entice them to read the article sooner rather than later. For example, a headline such as “5 Quick Ways to Lose 5 Pounds Before Spring Break” would be a very compelling headline for students, but only if the article were published right before Spring Break.

Moreover, lead magnets create urgency in the content itself. An irresistible offer from a personal trainer that reads “sign up within the next 10 minutes and receive a free eBook valued at $29.99” further entices readers to take action immediately in order to solve their problems faster or to reach their goals sooner.

The sense of urgency is often applied to convert leads when it comes to impulse purchases. Customers succumb to impulse purchases often when the products are priced at an apparent discount for a limited time offer. Therefore, bloggers often integrate a sense of urgency in the headlines and in the copy.



3. Unique

Readers come access tons of headlines every day. The uniqueness factor is what makes readers stop and click on the headline. A little bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to captivating the reader’s attention. Attention-grabbing and unique headlines stand a higher chance of catching the reader’s attention, especially when it keeps the reader in suspense. Headlines that leave readers on their appetite are more prone to get clicks, since as they say ‘curiosity killed the cat’.



4. Ultra-specific

Warm leads usually search for long tail keywords as they already know what they are looking for. Their searches will be ultra-specific and search engines will be looking for these long tail keywords in the headline. Bloggers increase the click-through of their headlines by attracting organic traffic from warm leads looking for ultra-specific long tail keywords.


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