Top 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Blogging

1. Blog Posts Drive Free and Organic Traffic to Your Website

Blog posts generate search traffic, also called organic traffic, which is the best possible type of traffic a company can get. Indeed, blog posts generate free and organic traffic as opposed to paid traffic stemming from costly ads. Organic traffic is actually high-quality targeted traffic that is most susceptible to convert into sales.

Between you and I, the only traffic that matters to a business is the traffic that converts into sales. Low quality traffic generated by broad advertisements is of little use to companies. Rather, high-quality traffic stemming by blog posts that reach the target market is essential.

2. Blog Posts Educate Your Customers and Drive Them to Purchase from You

Business owners have the opportunity to use blog posts to talk to their potential clients about their products in depth. Bloggers can narrate the benefits of the products using storytelling, which is a very compelling form of copy writing. Blog posts are structured in such a way that advertising and promoting no longer seem obnoxious to the potential clients.

Blog posts are composed of short sentences and small paragraphs, thus making it easy for potential customers to digest information. Therefore, potential customers will keep reading the attention-grabbing posts and assimilate information in a pleasant manner. Blogging using storytelling is an effective way to convey information and to make a positive impact on the lead.

Potential customers who have now become more knowledgeable on the topic transform themselves from a cold lead into a warm lead. Selling to these warm leads is now much easier as they are one step closer to being ready to make a purchase. Ideally, they will purchase right away. But even if they don’t, chances are they will come back on the blog when they need additional information and then make a purchase.

3. Blog Posts Assist Your Company in Achieving Authority

Bloggers become very influential when their blog benefits from a large audience. Those who appear to be very knowledgeable will benefit from increasingly larger amounts of followers. Writing is a great way to demonstrate knowledge and to reach authority. Bloggers who have reached authority thus have the opportunity to educate consumers about their products and to provide them with all the trusted and reliable information they need to make a purchase.

For example, real estate agencies can use blog posts to share insights on the housing market. They can use their blog to share success stories of investors who have followed their advice and turned a profit on their investments. Agencies can post infographics to demonstrate consistent achievements and satisfied customers. Success attracts success. Real estate agencies can definitely benefit by using blog posts to achieve authority.


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