Are you looking for a professional business writer to create custom blog posts?

Diana Rapeanu is a Canadian business writer that writes blog posts tailored to your small business needs. She acts as a ghost writer and has many years of experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, business, and marketing.

Diana helps small businesses grow organically by writing blog posts that are SEO-friendly and that convert customers. You can take a look at some of her published articles on StartingBusiness, TheMercantileOne, and LandscapeMarketingExperts.

Diana has a Bachelor’s of Finance from McGill University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) registered in Ontario, Canada. You can join her professional network on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram.

Diana has a penchant for reading books on business and entrepreneurship and is a strong believer in the entrepreneurial mindset. She empowers herself with such wisdom everyday and is looking forward to share her knowledge.